Casco Storefront during

Casco Storefront during "The Wealth of de Voorstraat", January 2014, photo by Niels Miller

Since April 2013, the Storefront has seen various projects and products on offer, from a translation service and photographs of all the shop windows in the Voorstraat, to a play bench, space for thought and rest, self-brewed beer, home made soap and locally made bread by artist Christian Nyampeta as part of his Storefront project "How to Live Together". Please find more information on Nyampeta’s project on the Casco website.

From December 2013 to February 2014, the Storefront offered a new "wealth" of things and actions. With "The Wealth of the Voorstraat", a research project by an interdisciplinary group of students from the Utrecht art academy HKU, commissioned by Casco and (Un)usual Business, we explored the many "community economies" that exist within the Voorstraat. At the Storefront, this materialized as a three-dimensional map of the Voorstraat, a communal notice board, a give and take away booth, a reading corner, and a meeting space. 

At the Storefront, this materializes as a 3 dimensional map of the Voorstraat, a communal notice board, a 'give and take away' booth, a reading corner and meeting space. Like the past few months, you will also still find all kind of "free" stuff and things to be exchanged for something other than money. For everything else, prices are negotiable. Any profit from the shop is put toward (Un)usual Business and Casco activities. We value good relations with our customers and offer potential consignments for products, services or skills you bring to the shop. 

Each product comes with a specific type of transaction, negotiations and propositions are welcomed!  

Casco Storefront is the working research platform of (Un)usual Business, a longterm collaboration with Kritische Studenten Utrecht that explores so-called "community economies".