While reaching beyond the usual suspects and bringing about lasting behavioral change is the Holy Grail of social change movements, this workshop offers crucial approaches on how to first reach that wider public. We draw on the Human Scale Development framework of the Chilean economist Manfred Max-Neef, the art of storytelling, and theories of social change; in so doing we offer tools and methods to help tailor your projects to your audience, explore creative ways to get people involved, and discover who’s out there and interested in supporting you.

Reserve via email: ying@cascoprojects.org
The spoken language throughout these events is English.

About Inez Aponte

Inez Aponte is the founder of Growing Good Lives, an international collective based in the UK, France, and the Netherlands, where she designs events and workshops that look to unleash human potential for the common good. Since 2013 she has had the privilege of working with inspiring communities in Europe, creating beautiful new ways of living and thriving amidst crumbling economic structures.

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