It's finally happening! On the 7th of October, we will be launching the first evening of our 'How To Get Together' series. We will kick off with a topic that everyone is familiar with: How To Make Food Together. The evening will focus on the encounter between various food collectives in Utrecht. Each of these initiatives practices their own alternative form of food production and distribution. What do they do exactly, how do they do it, and why are they doing it that way? 

Join us this evening to exchange knowledge and ideas with experts about what a strong, local food community in Utrecht could look like.

This evening is part of the 'How To Get Together' series, a series of encounters organized by (Un)usual Business in which various collectives and initiatives discuss a wide range of social fields.

Wednesday, 14 October at 19:30

Casco, Lange Nieuwstraat 7, Utrecht

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