De Klopvaart 'Centraal Wonen' is a type of communal living in which residents choose to share various facilities with one another and share the responsibility for their living environment. Centraal Wonen Klopvaart is a project that has been created for and by the residents. The first occupants took residence in 1984, after years of preparation and negotiation with the municipality of Utrecht and the housing corporation at the time. Living within 'de Klopvaart' requires active contribution from all its occupants. However, in return each and everyone has a say about the environment they wish to live in. Instead of corporation 'WoningNet Utrecht' assigning the available housing to new occupants, the residents themselves get to determine whom gets to live with and next to them. Maintaining the garden of the 'de Klopvaart' is also the responsibility of the occupants. Every resident is required to participate actively in the various commissions that making living in de Klopvaart dynamic.