The Weggeefwinkel aims for a society that is not about owning more and more stuff, money or competition, but about working together, and where sharing creates enough for everyone. The Weggeefwinkel celebrates the differences between people, and it is exactly these differences that make the initiative continue to thrive. The pants which your child has already grown out of will fit another just fine, the cups someone lost interest in might be exactly what you're looking for, and that ugly painting you received from your mother in law looks amazing in someone else's interior. The Weggeefwinkel hopes that by giving things away, they can reduce the 'need' for production. Many clothes and other products are created by children and adults under poor labor conditions. Through the excessive use of chemicals and energy, factories are causing much damage to our environment and nature. And is it not a waste to use scarce resources to create more of what we already have? Everything in the Weggeefwinkel is free.