We’re proud to present the second issue of our (Un)usual Business journal. In our previous issue, we introduced the concept of the commons as an idea filled with political potential to retake control of the economic means by which we reproduce our daily lives. We also explained our focus on various local commoning practices as a strategy to exchange knowledge between practitioners.

All articles in this journal are of course available on the website:

How to common How to common - Foreword for Utrecht Meent Het #2 J.K. Gibson-Graham – Foreword by J.K. Gibson-Graham
While asking questions, we walk – by Ying Que
Welkom in Utrecht: A case study of commoning in Utrecht – by Jennifer Suchland
The gift and circular economy: What I learned from failed espresso machines at the Repair Cafés in Utrecht – by Chloe Lee
In Utrecht Overvecht, 100 people practice communal living, looking for (un)usual ways of living together – by Maartje Oostdijk
Arisan revisited: Notes on precariousness Arisan revisited: Notes on precariousness Nuraini Juliastuti – by Nuraini Juliastuti

The journal Utrecht Meent Het #2 is available as downloadable PDF. Get it here (in EN) or here (in NL).
The journal is also available as printed publication.