Villa Vrede aims to be an open house, in which undocumented people can feel free to be themselves and develop. Activities are offered by and with volunteers who are undocumented themselves, supported by 2 part-time paid employees (1FTE). In the living room of Villa Vrede people can meet (new) friends, drink tea and coffee together, use the internet or watch tv, and listen or make music (together). Furthermore, there is a small space to rest, and a room in which energizing programs are organized throughout the day. During the other times, this space will be available for personal talks and discussions. There is also a large garden and there are various partnerships that provide the opportunity to offer (outside) activities such as sports and gardening. Villa Vrede plays an important role in referrals to relevant organizations that provide help. Partnerships and collaborations are sought in- and outside of Utrecht in order to realize projects to its full potential.