(Un)usual Business invites everyone who is interested in local alternative economic activities to come to our next gathering in the 'How To' events series: How To Care Together.

This second gathering will focus on care, in which we will meet various care initiatives located in Utrecht. Each of these initiatives is occupied with discovering their own way of alternative care. What do they do exactly, how do they do it, and why are they doing it that way?

This evening, three initiatives will be talking – based on questions from the audience – about who they are and what they might encounter during their practice. The topics that come up between the initiatives and the audience will guide the discussion later in the evening. What are similarities, what problems do you come across and what can you learn from another? Maybe even more ideologically: why do these initiatives exist? What is the idea behind them, and from what ideals and principles did the initiative arise? Join our evening to exchange knowledge and ideas with experts about what a strong, local care community in Utrecht could look like. 

Wednesday, 9 December at 19:30h

Casco, Lange Nieuwstraat 7, Utrecht

More information about the various care collectives that will be speaking on December 9th will follow soon. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates! 

See you soon!

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