Join our evening to exchange knowledge and ideas with experts about what a strong, local care community in Utrecht could look like.

This evening is part of 'How To Get Together', a series of meetings organized by (Un)usual Business in which various collectives and initiatives from a wide range of social fields discuss their work. This time 'care' will be the focus of the evening, the next session will be based on 'living together'

The 'How To Get Together' series will be concluded with a symposium in the spring of 2016 and will be open to all initiatives that have been involved in the past months and, of course, anyone else who is interested. During this symposium we will dive into broader themes that many initiatives have to deal with on a daily basis (such as decisionmaking, organization of the group, working with volunteers and finances). Through critical readings and various thematic workshops we work to support community economies in Utrecht. 

Doors open 19.15h, we start 19.30h
Make sure to be on time so that you are guaranteed a spot.

Download the flyer here.

- Ubuntuhuis Ubuntuhuis The 'Ubuntuhuis' is a small-scale community center, self-organised by and for people who have (had) experience with homelessness, poverty, psychiatry or living without residential papers. There are practical and social activities organized together with volunteers. The 'Ubuntuhuis' foundation was founded in 2011 and is based ...
- De Oase De Oase 'De Oase' is a communal day-care center ('ouderparticipatiecrèche') for children aged 0 to 4, run by parents. This means that the day-care is run together with and by parents who take care and responsibility in order to create a good, trustworthy, familiar and safe environment ...